Monday, 8 August 2011

New Zak S Wilderness Map (sic)

Zak thinks this is a map even though it is not a map, but he thinks it is a map:

I asked Zak to keep us up to date as soon as he can on his whereabouts as he jets around North America doing important but fun stuff. I keep track of my favorite people with pins on a map of North America on the wall of my house on the outside so people who have no interest in D&D can keep track of Zak too as they drive by about their business. Just now he is in Montreal as he jets around the world with his bag of artworks looking for his stolen hair.

You can see Zak's original map here, I have taken the liberty of adding a Hex grid:

The key to Zak's map (sic) is:
green = forest; blue/black = hills; red = bordello/sanatarium on mountain top

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